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rotary raS hook Segh HablI'

technical parametersnamerotary raS hook Segh machinerotary raS hook Segh machinerotary raS hook Segh machinerotary raS hook Segh machinemodelxq341hxq342hxq345hxq478hsize workpiece mmφ700 ×


technical parameters

pongrotary raS hook Segh HablI'rotary raS hook Segh HablI'rotary raS hook Segh HablI'rotary raS hook Segh HablI'
workpiece mm sizeΦ700 × 1300Φ700 × 1600Φ900 × 1600Φ800 × 1500
qty blast rutlh HIjmeH2222
blast capacity kg ghap min bach2 × 2002 × 2502 × 2502 × 360
yapbe'mo' balst rutlh kw2 × 112 × 152 × 152 × 22
'aqroS load kg120200500800
productivity hook ghap h15-2015-2015-2012
size pa' mm blasting1600 × 1800 × 25502920 × 2620 × 28502950 × 2630 × 36502300 × 1800 × 3050
m3 ghap h flow total jejlaw'4000400060008500
total HoS (wej dust collector DaH nobvam) kw26.6538.8741.767.38
dimensions(l×w×h) mm2780 × 2500 × 56659635 × 3800 × 61007200 × 3280 × 65007450 × 4100 × 5906

product composition

rotary raS hook Segh rewbe'mey'e' consist bach HablI' blasting bach blasting, separator workpiece qeng jan, sand pat, recycling dust removal pat porghDaj je composition sand bach.

workpiece jan qeng 'elbogh pablu'DI' luch Segh, pIm Segh pIm chenmoH castings qeng blasting bach distinguish 'ej bach HablI' blasting, bach HablI', blasting bach bach sand separator HablI' 'ay' botlhDaq qImbogh blasting.

product features

QaQ treatment 'angbogh Da, jen productivity, 'eS investment, qup pollution labor intensity 'eS, ngeD mechanization MaQa' production tlhoj. 'ach laH wej arbitrarily choH ejection lurgh, flexibility vIvup 'ej Qatlh luch, 'ay', tuQ especially Qapchu' tuQ 'etlh latlh 'ay', jen leH costs je; 'ach workpiece ghor vutmeH 'oH laHlIj ghor, requirements chav vaj tev range applications ghaj.

HablI' blast bach turntable hook Segh mechanism Say'

ghob'e' bach workpiece blasting Hoch wo' DIr hook, automatic bach vaj pa' neH yItungHa', qaH QaQ hook traction mechanism, hook bach vaj pa', pneumatic, electric interlock, Qagh bach lojmIt baj bach pa' blasting blast webqu'meH nov SoQ pa'. workpiece hook yItungHa', qaH QaQ neH bI'reS pa' Say', 'ach legh rap poH HablI' jen speed projectiles chuH flow pill jol, blasting uniformly jatlh 'Iv je autobiography bach Daw' Qap 'ay' ghor, workpiece sufficiently reduce ejection, ejection tajvaj, so as to workpiece Say' rach ngoQ chav. pill sand 'ej filter vegh qung. ghaH vaj elevator, pong elevator separator chev. Hu'tegh suction fan dust neH dust filter, choSay'moHlaH jejlaw' vaj choptaHvIS jejlaw', dust bag dust box mechanical vibration pum vaj pa' user, Regular Say', sand, waste pong waste discharge tube, collector bIS'ub recycling laH user. retracted pill sand mixture pong tube lo' vaj pa' lom, qaSpu'DI' loS projectile ghaH Say' separation reuse, 'ej electromagnetic lojmIt pill vaj bach HablI' workpiece chuH blasting.

applicable scope

HoSghajbej janvam yuQmeyDaq Sar industries mach-sized castings, forging, 'ay', luch, wepDaj 'ej latlh 'ay' sand Say', derusting, descaling 'ej ghor rach, especially for fear of ngeQ 'ay' Say' 'ej rach HIjmeH chaw'; puS wa' laH lut'e' hook, Daw' hook turntable rotation vaj 'e' workpiece DopDaq Hoch Say'.

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